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A History Of The Uniform

What does a decorated war veteran, neurosurgeon, prisoner and schoolgirl all have in common? They all wear uniforms! The uniform has been around for years and years, but have you ever stopped to think just where these pieces of clothing came to be? The history of the uniform is scatted throughout the ages, and Clothing Direct will take you on a trip down memory lane below so read on!

The First Documented Uniform

To be fair, there is no real ‘first ever uniform’ in history. However, the first know – or suspected – uniforms belonged to those of the Roman legion. Formally established somewhere around 500 B.C. the roman military legion used to wear a basic tunic uniform, which was loosely regulated. This however grew in popularity through the ages, with many countries developing their own colours to wear into battle.

Other Common Uniforms Throughout History

Another highly common uniform, and one of the oldest, is that of school goers. The first documented school uniform in history pertains to the cappa clausa, a kind of robe ordered to be worn by school goers by the archbishop of Canterbury, England in 1222. Although being thought out early on, the school uniform only became a truly common thing in the 16th century in England.


Another common uniform is that of the medical practice. However, did you know that up until the 20th century, surgeons were not required to wear any kind of uniform at all? Up until this point, doctors would operate wearing no protective gear but a butcher’s apron to cover their own clothes from blood spatters. Yes, that means they’d operate bare handed and unmasked! However, the nurses’ uniform was developed a century prior to doctors. Derived from a nun’s habit, the nursing uniform first began to appear in the early 19th century. It was only in the late 1970’s that the short sleeve V-neck scrubs that we know today began to emerge.

If You Are In Need Of A Uniform

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