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Custom Clothing Influences First Impressions

We believe that corporate clothing and uniform are part of a company’s first impression. Whether it is day to day customer interaction, a work function or a new business pitch first impressions can either make or break a deal.

We explore some custom clothing ideas that incorporate branding and company logos that will promote brand awareness and put your company a step forward.

1 – Standing out from the crowds

Adding your own logo or company logo is now easier than ever with our custom clothing logo service, take a look at how you can drive brand awareness as well as look great!

The best ways to make yourself stand out from the rest is to choose quality uniform or corporate workwear. If you are providing your clients with corporate gifts in the form of custom or branded clothing, then they will need the best quality as the gift is an extension of the company’s quality and standards. If the quality does not fit up to your standards then it won’t stand up to your customers either.

2 – Hot Tips to Be the Best

1 – Create Your Brand Identity:

Have your logo or branding designed by a professional so that it brings out what your company really stands for. If you have a corporate identity, base it on the fonts, colours and styles of that so when people see the logo, they immediately know which company it belongs to.

2 – Be Unique:

Try think outside the box, don’t mimic competitors as you may end up pushing their brand unintentionally. Brainstorm with your team on what colours and styles speak to your brand best as well as what type of uniform or corporate apparel it will be going on to decide where the logo is best positioned.

3 – The Type of Logo:

At Clothing Direct there are 3 different ways to add your logo:

  • Embroidery – Best for a small logo and typically looks good on the pocket of shirts (polos), business shirts and jackets. It also looks nice on caps.
  • Digital Transfer – Also looks good small but is best suited for logos that have details and lots of colour. The design is printed on vinyl then is heat transferred to the garment. The technology has advanced over the last 10 years which means no flaking after a few washes.
  • Screen Printing – Is best for bulk orders (cost effective) and looks good on casual attire like t shirts. A good example is a sports team uniform.

Whether you are just starting out with customising your clothes, building a brand or are a seasoned brand ambassador, Clothing Direct Australia stock the widest range of the latest fashion apparel and uniforms. View and order online now!